Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4boUt My ZwinKY Life

Elow guyz..^_^ call me anne for short i will tell u about my life in zwinky :D i cant tell u who is me :D in real life but ill tell it soon but now i will just tell lil about my zwinky life :D
I wanna post this because i want to share my life before in zwinky and my life today in zwinky :D thats all :P if u dont wanna read then dont read it ... its ok to me :( hehe
-->One day im surfing in net and i see a zwinky bar or picture in the site and im curious what is it.. so i download it and make an id so First when i play ZWINKY since march (2007) i have my 1st account and it is KRIZLE but i played almost 1 week cause im bored no pinoys .. then i just tell my self (fck its so bored) and i just play some online games and i always chat in yahoo messenger after 2 month later my ym account saltek_kz_ph was locked and i cant open it and then i dont know what to do cause im so bored and so angry that time..suddenly i notice the face of zwinky lol and click it thats june (2007) my server have change and all have changes.. this is the story why i like zwinky now than before i play zwinky since march (2007) :D somebody hacked it.. so nobody use that now. Suddenly i create an id before krizle is hacked now im using my id that i create it before november (2007) and its haruko_sakuragi :D.. (why im bored cause?) before zwinky dont have zcard and dorms.. and not quite fun at all no pilipino at all T_T (im a pilipino lol!) :D.but after all..they change the zwinky and some are... the store..the design of every locations and the mall it is so beautiful now than before.. and im glad zwinky have dorms too (before not) :D i love it :P now i have many friends..i have grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, grandsons and daugthers.. it short i have so BIG family in zwinky :D ahm i think :D thats all i can tell u :D because i dont what to say next XD.. :P so goodbye hope u leave some message and i hope u like my story lol! :D <-- ^_^''

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Anonymous said...

Hey do you still rember me kyle_zeth? :P